One-Click Sentiment Analysis

Go from .csv to data visualization in minutes. Semantria by Lexalytics makes sentiment analysis easy

  • Sentiment Analysis platform for data analyst teams
  • Connect to your databases or data warehouses
  • Store and manage any volume of text documents
  • Analyze with feature-rich natural language processing
  • Build and customize intuitive dashboards to uncover context-rich insights
  • Make better-informed decisions, predictions, and recommendations

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Lexalytics is the only vendor we’ve seen that can offer the flexibility required to support our complex product line.
Csaba Dancshazy, Senior Market Research Manager, Microsoft
Lexalytics keeps moving and improving their product, dovetailing with our own volume of 10-20 launches of code every week, helping us maintain our competitive advantage.
John De Oliveira, VP Product, Trendkite

Powerful reports

Utilize our easy uploader to connect your database of text documents and get to work right away. Generate powerful reports based on your natural language text data in minutes, not hours.

Code free tuning

The Lexalytics Intelligence Platform is one of the most tunable NLP solutions on the market, no coding experience required! You'll be able to rapidly build custom configurations for your specific sentiment analysis use case. Want to go even faster? Simply turn on any of our six pre-built industry packs.

Illustration showing a Lexalytics engineer teaching personified computers in a mock classroom setting

Cutting edge machine learning

We take care of the artificial intelligence so you can focus on your business. The Semantria API employs cutting edge open source NLP models with proprietary machine learning, giving you the best of both worlds.

Unlimited support

Whether you're analyzing 1,000 documents or a 1 billion documents, Semantria API's 99.99% uptime means it will always be ready for the job. Nonetheless, our support engineers are standing by. All of our customers enjoy unlimited support and training.

Illustration showing a Lexalytics support representative helping customers